1. Famous Pizza Styles Across the U.S.

    There is evidence of some varieties of pizza dating back to the 6th century in Persia. There were variations made along the way, but what we know of as pizza today was originally made in Naples, Italy in the early 19th century. Pizza first made an appearance in the United States in the late 19th cen…Read More

  2. Pizza Crust Dipping Sauces to Try

    Even though a certain pizza chain made cheese-stuffed crust popular for a time (much to the chagrin of Italian chefs and lovers of authentic pizza), it did make us think about how to maximize this essential part of a pie. The crust is used to hold a piece of pizza, it’s great for close-up images l…Read More

  3. Healthy Italian Food

    Health food is the norm these days. Most people want to eat healthy and have a balanced diet so they can have the energy to do the things they want to do in this world, such as travel, go on long walks with their dogs, and chase after their grandkids in the yard. The Mediterranean Diet has become a …Read More

  4. Different Types of Pizza Sauces

    Pizza today can be anything you want it to be. You can choose from dozens of toppings, different types of crust, and different types of sauces in order to create the perfect combination to satisfy your taste buds. You can have pizza for all meals of the day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a…Read More

  5. Why Dalia’s Pizza is the Best!

    Dalia’s Pizza in West Covina makes the best pizza, hands-down. When you visit our Italian pizza restaurant, you’ll immediately see, feel, and smell the difference. Our mouth-watering offerings and quaint atmosphere will have you lingering for hours over great food, drinks, and conversation. We p…Read More