There are dozens of side dishes that you can serve with pizza, from wings to fries to cheese sticks to garlic bread. But one side dish that many people overlook is salad. Sure, it’s green and healthy and kids rarely get excited about a salad when they can have wings instead. Do kids even eat salad? But for a majority of the population, a good salad is a great, even preferable, option. But why is salad such an enticing choice when the other sides are often much more crave-worthy?

It’s Fresh

A great pizza will be made of fresh ingredients, but they’re still cooked or baked before being eaten. With a salad, you’re getting fresh, cool produce that perfectly complements the hot cheese and sauce on the pizza. Whether the salad has romaine lettuce, spinach, or a mix of greens, it’s an opportunity for a bite of something simply refreshing.

There’s a Crunch

Even though a pizza could be crunchy if there are toppings like onions or peppers on it, it’s not the type of crunch that you can compare with a salad. After a few bites of chewy, crusty pizza, a fork full of romaine lettuce is just the thing to give your mouth a fun twist in texture.

Salad Dressing

Having options is an amazing thing, right? So when you’re having a salad with your pizza, one of the best parts is that you get to customize the flavor. In the mood for a cool, creamy dressing? Choose ranch dressing. Want the classic flavors of olive oil and vinegar? You can’t go wrong with Italian dressing. Want something unique? Try French dressing or a vidalia onion. Salads can be fun, and choosing the right dressing can really, well, dress it up.


Just like you can customize your salad with dressing, which toppings you choose can really make it stand out. Green peppers, cucumbers, onions, olives, raisins, tomatoes, croutons, cheese – it’s like picking your favorite pizza toppings, but they’re fresh on your salad instead.

It’s Healthy

Yes, even when you do put ranch dressing on the salad, you’re getting essential nutrients your body needs. When possible, choose a greener lettuce rather than a simple iceberg. Having a salad before diving into your pizza will also fill you up just enough where you may be satisfied with two slices instead of three. Because no one will complain about having more leftover pizza.

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