Whether you’re vegetarian or simply want a fresh garden pizza, there’s something about having vegetables on your pizza that can be incredibly satisfying, and of course, healthy. Some of the best pizza toppings are veggies, from olives to jalapenos to spinach to eggplant.

Dalia’s pizza in West Covina has been serving up fresh pizza and Italian classics since the 1990s! So if you’re craving some authentic Italian food or a mouth-watering veggie pizza, you can’t go wrong with ordering up one of our famous pies. We take pride in providing our customers with ingredients that are always fresh, never frozen, making our veggie pizzas even more delicious.

Here are some of our favorite vegetable pizza toppings!

Black Olives

Olives could get their own pizza topping spotlight blog, but we’ll highlight them briefly here. Olives add a wonderful salty bite to a pizza, balancing the acidity of the cheese and the soft flavor of the crust. While Dalia’s offers several varieties of olives, including green and kalamata, we chose to feature black olives here because they have a slightly more mild, less salty flavor than green olives and will balance other toppings out perfectly. Try pairing olives with a less salty topping like mushrooms or jalapenos.

Artichoke Hearts

If you’re craving veggies but want a hearty, filling vegetable, artichokes are a great option. They have an earthy, yet fresh flavor that is to die for when there’s a healthy layer of melted mozzarella cheese. Artichokes pair wonderfully with spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms. And if you’re getting your pizza delivered and wondering what to drink with your artichoke pizza, try a nice dry white wine.


For many, eggplant needs to be cooked just right to get a great texture that isn’t overcooked and mushy but isn’t undercooked and still slightly bitter. When you order a veggie pizza with roasted eggplant at Dalia’s, you can be sure that it’s cooked to perfection. Eggplant gives pizza a creamy flavor that works incredibly well with red onion, giving each bite a bit of a crunch.


If you love a spicy pizza, but don’t want to get the flavor from sausage or pepperoni, try slices of jalapeno, which have a fresh, green flavor. What many people love about vegetable pizza toppings is that they give the pizza a slight crunch. However, vegetables like artichokes or mushrooms are actually fairly soft when cooked. Jalapenos still have a perfect crunch even after they’re cooked. They pair well with olives and onions.


A classic supreme pizza topping, mushrooms have an excellent earthy, slightly woody flavor, and an amazing texture. If you’re nervous about not being satisfied with a veggie pizza, give mushrooms a shot and you won’t be disappointed. Mushrooms work well with just about any other topping, but especially olives.

When it comes to pizza toppings, there really aren’t any wrong answers, just as long as you truly enjoy your pie. At Dalia’s pizza in West Covina, we’re confident that you’ll love our pizza made with fresh ingredients and toppings.

We offer a full menu of Italian classics, we offer online ordering, pick-up orders, and delivery! So order up your favorite veggie pizza tonight!