Even though a certain pizza chain made cheese-stuffed crust popular for a time (much to the chagrin of Italian chefs and lovers of authentic pizza), it did make us think about how to maximize this essential part of a pie. The crust is used to hold a piece of pizza, it’s great for close-up images looking to show off a chewy texture, and it’s an opportunity to add a layer of butter or Italian seasoning to increase flavor. But one of the best ways to utilize a pizza crust is for dipping.

What Dipping Sauce is Best For Pizza Crusts?


“Can I get a side of ranch with that?” should be everyone’s slogan when ordering pizza delivery. It’s cool, refreshing, and with that slight dill flavor, it’s the perfect match for any style pizza crust. And when there’s a bite of crust where there is still a touch of pizza sauce on it, the combination of pizza sauce and ranch is a match made in heaven.


Even though pizza sauce and marinara are very similar, there are key differences. Marinara is made with garlic, onions, and herbs like oregano; while pizza sauce is traditionally just tomato sauce and a small amount of seasonings, like salt. This allows the true tomato flavor to come through in the pizza sauce. But either way, marinara is a classic and tasty sauce to dip pizza crust in.


Definitely not a traditional “sauce” but if you’re looking for a sweet ending to your meal, honey is a great addition. A benefit of drizzling some honey on your crust is that it’s a fairly healthy way to finish up your dinner with a dessert of sorts. Even though there is quite a bit of sugar in honey, it’s a natural sugar and local honey, and can even offer health benefits for anyone struggling with allergies!


No matter how you like your BBQ sauce — sweet, spicy, tangy — or where you like your BBQ sauce from — Texas, North Carolina, Alabama — dipping your crust in this popular condiment is a unique way to finish your slice of pizza. And it’s even better when you’ve ordered a specialty Papa’s BBQ Chicken from Dalia’s Pizza. If you love and crave BBQ, what better way to satisfy your cravings than with BBQ from start to finish?

Hot Sauce

Do you like your pizza spicy? Sprinkle on some red pepper flakes and finish off the pizza with a dash of your favorite hot sauce. A little heat with a great chew crust can be incredibly satisfying and mouth-watering. And if you’re really wanting to get adventurous, mix some hot sauce into another favorite dipping sauce, like ranch. Spicy ranch dipping sauce with pizza crust? Yes, please!

Garlic Cheese Sauce

The more cheese the better, right? And when it’s a garlic cheese sauce with pizza crust, it’s a dream come true. The creamy flavor of the sauce with the doughy texture of pizza is enough to make you want to grab another slice of pizza just so you can keep experiencing the delicious flavors.

If it breaks your heart when you ever see a plate of just pizza crusts, the team at Dalia’s Pizza knows how you feel. Even though it may not be what people look forward to most out of their pizza, the crust is definitely an opportunity to get creative with dipping sauces and flavor combinations.

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