Everyone has their own way of judging the quality of a pizza — the sauce, toppings, the crust, the overall flavor. But another great way to tell whether or not a pizza has what it takes to be ordered again and again is how well the leftovers taste after being reheated (if the pizza even lasts that long).

A great pizza is not only great when it’s fresh out of the oven with cheese bubbling on top and dripping from the edges, steam escaping from bubbles in the crust, and that perfect crisp on the pepperoni — is your mouth watering yet? Pizza should be great the day after too. It should be great right out of the fridge. But if you want to get that fresh-baked pizza experience the second day, it requires the pizza to be reheated properly.

At Dalia’s Pizza, we believe that we offer the residents of West Covina the best pizza in town. Made with quality fresh ingredients for a truly authentic flavor, you can rely on us for pizza that you can order again and again and get the same great experience each time. And even on the day after. When you order pizza online from our Italian restaurant, and if there are leftovers the next day, here are some tips on how to reheat it so that you can get the same great flavor and texture.

Use Your Stovetop

Quick, easy, and super effective, this method uses both heat and steam to get the texture and crispiness of the crust just right. Simply heat up a non-stick frying pan over medium-low heat and place the cold pizza in the pan. Keep the pizza in the pan for three to five minutes. Then, put about a half teaspoon of water into the pan, but be sure to keep it away from the pizza. Cover the pan with a lid and let it sit for another couple of minutes. The heat from the pan will crisp up the bottom of the pizza and the steam will refresh the cheese and the crust, but won’t make it soggy. Give this method a try and you’ll never go back.

Put it in the Oven

To mimic how the pizza is cooked the first time, the trick is heating up a pizza stone or baking sheet in the oven before putting the pizza into the oven. It’s ideal if you have a pizza stone, which will hold heat better, but if not, then a regular baking sheet will do. Heat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and let the stone or sheet heat up thoroughly before placing your pizza. Let the pizza cook for about five minutes and let it cool slightly before diving in. For an even fresher taste, you can fill an oven-safe bowl with water and place it in the oven at the same time as the pizza. This will have the same effect as pouring water in the frying pan.

First the Microwave, Then the Oven

Even though we can probably all agree that using the microwave to reheat pizza is a last resort, if you have time to toss it in the oven after, it’s totally worth it. Put the pizza in the microwave for about 30 seconds, and then put it in a 350-degree oven for about 10 minutes. The microwave will warm the pizza up and the oven will help crisp up the crust, making for a perfectly fine second-day slice of pizza.

Who Needs to Reheat Pizza?

There are some who may never be able to eat cold pizza. And to those people, we would like to point out that it can take trying something new around 10 times before our taste buds will decide if we like it or not. So give a cold pizza another try, because once your taste buds figure out that cold pizza is amazing, you’ll want to save some leftovers just so you can eat it cold.

Are you craving pizza? Dalia’s Pizza in West Covina offers online ordering for pickup and delivery. And we offer an extensive menu of all of your Italian favorites, including pasta, calzones, subs, and more. Check it out, and order up your favorites tonight! And be sure to save some slices so you can try out these reheating methods.