According to an article by SWNS Digital, the average American consumes around 18,000 chicken wings in their lifetime. Whether you’re ordering a side of wings to go with your favorite West Covina pizza, or if you’re craving wings badly enough to make them an entire meal, there’s no doubt that chicken wings are one of the best finger foods. But is it about chicken wings that make them so irresistible? So finger-licking good? So just-one-more?

At Dalia’s, we’re not only experts on baking up fresh authentic pizzas and Italian favorites, but we’re also aficionados of the chicken wing. With decades in business, we know a thing or two about how to prepare an amazing chicken wing – one that has everything that you’re looking for to satisfy your craving.

What Features Make Chicken Wings so Amazing?

The Sauce

If you don’t get through a dozen wings without your fingers covered and a ring of sauce around your mouth, there’s something wrong. A great chicken wing needs to be thoroughly drenched in sauce. But of course it’s not only about the quantity, the sauce absolutely needs to be exploding with flavor. Whether it’s a classic Buffalo sauce, BBQ, mango habanero, or honey garlic, the flavor of the sauce can make or break eating a chicken wing.

The Heat

A side note to the sauce, if you’re looking for a true experience from your chicken wings, the heat level is definitely a consideration. Many chicken wing and pizza joints offer at least a couple of options, including mild, medium, and hot. But if you want to remember your chicken wings, you’ll want a heat level that really turns things up a notch. However, don’t go overboard with the heat so much so that you can’t even taste the flavor or the sauce or even the chicken.

The Skin

The texture of the skin is paramount to an incredible chicken wing. Many businesses have failed to perfect the crispy skin that is required to earn repeat customers, but Dalia’s isn’t one of them. The worst thing that could happen to a chicken wing is skin that is rubbery or flabby. When you bite into a chicken wing, you should feel a crunch around your teeth and then the delicate tenderness of the chicken.

The Meat

You obviously can’t have a chicken wing without quality meat. While bigger wings mean more meat, an amazing chicken wing, as you may expect, is not always about the size. A small wing can have quality meat, while bigger pieces often hold meat and chunks of fat, which is just disappointing. Whether it’s a flat wing or a drumstick, quality meat is never overly fatty and is always — always — juicy. You should be able to eat every delicious nibble of meat off of the entire piece.

The Bone-in vs Boneless Debate

At Dalia’s, we are biased towards bone-in wings, but we accept that some people simply enjoy a good boneless chicken wing.

– A boneless wing can have an amazing sauce, eye-watering but delicious heat, and quality meat.
– A bone-in wing will typically win the best skin award, as boneless wings are simply covered in just breading.
– A boneless wing is of course easier to eat, but getting messy with bone-in wings is a part of the experience, right?
– But the flavor of a bone-in chicken wing is so much better!

Alas, this debate will undoubtedly continue for years to come.

Is your mouth watering? Are you craving pizza and wings? Check out Dalia’s pizza menu, and order take-out or delivery tonight!