Health food is the norm these days. Most people want to eat healthy and have a balanced diet so they can have the energy to do the things they want to do in this world, such as travel, go on long walks with their dogs, and chase after their grandkids in the yard. The Mediterranean Diet has become a popular go-to for those looking to lose weight and be healthy. Italy is part of the Mediterranean countries that favor this type of eating.

Dalia’s Pizza in West Covina is a pizza restaurant that specializes in pizza, pasta, and vegan and gluten-free dishes. Almost all of our food is homemade, so we use only the finest ingredients that are fresh and unprocessed in order to make our foods healthy and nutritious for you. Below, we’ll go over some healthy Italian foods that you may want to incorporate into your diet as you strive to be healthy. Stop by for lunch or dinner today!


Pizza with Vegetables & a Protein on Top

Pizza can be one of the healthiest foods for you when made right and when topped with the right ingredients. Our bodies need the three major macro ingredients in order to stay healthy: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. You should be eating these at every meal, and if you eat them at every meal in the right proportions, your blood sugar will stay stable and not spike, meaning you won’t experience an overwhelming tired feeling in the middle of the afternoon.

Pizza has all of these macros. The pizza crust is the carbohydrates that your body uses to fuel your brain and other organs. Meat toppings, such as lean hamburger, chicken, or turkey contain the protein (as does the cheese) that every cell in your body needs, including your muscles, for growth and sustainability. Vegetables are full of healthy vitamins and minerals that are also necessary for many bodily functions, such as healing wounds and repairing damage to cells. A small amount of fat, such as virgin olive oil or fat in the meat, is the perfect amount for a perfectly balanced meal. Where people get in trouble with pizza is over-eating too much of it at one sitting and cooking it improperly with too much grease and fats, or loading it with fatty toppings, such as sausage, and too much cheese that turns this healthy meal into unhealthy.

At Dalia’s Pizza, our pizzas are homemade, with only the best ingredients and unprocessed foods. We offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free pizzas, and you are free to choose your crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings. This Italian food choice can be as healthy as you wish, with vegetable selections such as mushrooms, red peppers, and artichokes. Visit us today!


Spaghetti has been documented to have been a food since the 5th century AD. Made simply from ground grain or flour and water, spaghetti has been popular for centuries because it is so cheap to make and, thus, to buy. Marco Polo brought one noodle recipe from China to Italy in the 13th century AD. However, modern spaghetti that we know and love was definitely invented by the Italians, only in the late 1800s. Nicola De Cecco ran a flour mill in the late 1800s and didn’t like how the pasta of the day was warped during transport. Thus, he began drying pasta in cool, dry conditions, making it easy to transport, which is how spaghetti is made today.

You can thank Italian immigrants to America who brought spaghetti over with them (served traditionally in a tomato sauce), and because meat was cheaper in America than it had been in Italy around the turn of the 20th century, it was quickly added into the diet.

Healthy spaghetti today is made in much the same manner, just with a touch of olive oil and low sugar in the tomato sauce. Add in your healthy protein topping, such as chicken or turkey meatballs, and you once again have a balanced macro meal that is extremely healthy for you.

Dalia’s Pizza, a pizza restaurant in West Covina, offers homemade spaghetti and other pastas with homemade meatballs. We use lean meats and just a little cheese for that extra protein boost. You can add in chicken, shrimp, or beef as your protein of choice, and we have plenty of vegetables to boot as well. Visit us today!


Dalia’s Pizza, a pizza restaurant in West Covina, offers many healthy Italian food choices for you and your family. We make most of our food from scratch, using only the healthiest and finest ingredients, which is why our food not only tastes amazing, but is also extremely good for you. After a long day or week at work, it’s nice to be able to go to a pizza restaurant, sit down, and know you are getting good, wholesome food without you having to prepare it. Our mission is to offer something for everyone, which is why we offer much more than pizza and pasta. We offer a variety of appetizers, including wings and calamari, as well as ribs for those who are craving a good protein kick. Our sandwich offerings are hearty, and our salads contain many of our homemade ingredients in salad form. We invite you in for lunch or dinner today!