Pizza is such a ubiquitous food that many people think you can eat pizza anytime. While, in general, this may be true, there are definitely the best times to eat pizza.

Dalia’s Pizza in West Covina offers the best pizza, pasta, and salads made from scratch. We offer gluten-free and vegan pizza options as well for those on special and/or restricted diets. Our mission is to provide the best pizza for you. Below, we’ll examine some of the best times to eat pizza. Visit our pizza shop today!


Pizza contains all three macro ingredients (unless you don’t consume cheese or meats). They have protein from the cheese and the toppings, such as sausage and pepperoni. They have carbohydrates from the bread and dough. And, they definitely have fat, which can vary in how it is cooked. Some pizzas are doused in oils, which can be unhealthy depending on what kind of oils is used in the cooking process.

Thus, if you are going off time alone, experts say that the best time to consume pizza is between 10 am and 1 pm. This is because at 10 am, your body is in high-calorie burn mode, since you have a long day ahead of you at work. Thus, you should consume fats at this time. However, at 1 pm, you should consume carbohydrates. Carbohydrates make you feel full. They increase your serotonin levels and will cut down on snacking during the afternoon. Thus, if you eat pizza between those hours, you will suffer less consequences if you are worried about weight gain.

That being said, there are many ways you can make pizza a healthier food all-around. In this way, you can then indulge in pizza whenever you want. Some ways to make pizza healthier include:

  • Ordering thin crust pizza. This will obviously cut down on the number of calories you are consuming since the pizza is effectively smaller.
  • Ask for your pizza to be sliced into more pieces. Most small pizzas are cut into eight pieces. By doubling that in what is affectionately called “a double cut” pizza, you will be grabbing smaller slices of pizza, which means you will be eating less.
  • Share a pizza. By sharing a pizza, you will eat less as well, and odds are, you won’t have any leftovers in the fridge to be tempting you late at night. Plus, if you order an individual pizza, these are usually still fairly large and too big to finish. Thus, you may end up eating past the point when you are full.


Dalia’s Pizza servest the best pizza all day long. We open at 10 am for those who are looking to eat pizza for brunch. We close at 10:30 pm on the weekends, meaning you can eat your pizza well into the night as well. While there is an ideal time for your body to digest pizza, part of your health is your mental well-being. If your brain is telling you to go to Dalia’s Pizza, you’d better obey. See ya soon!