1. How Pizza CAN Fit Into Your New Year’s Resolutions

    We made it to 2021! Can we get a hurrah!? Now let’s celebrate with – trying to lose weight for a New Year’s Resolution? Mmm, maybe not. Staying healthy and fit is great, but if you had a rough 2020, then now isn’t the time to limit the things that you really love and make you happy, even if …Read More

  2. Don’t Want to Cook For Christmas? Try Dalia’s!

    There’s no question that the holidays this year have been turned upside down. With social gatherings at a minimum in order to protect yourself and those around you, there’s a good chance that any Christmas meals are slightly different. Instead of a large meal for your whole family and good frien…Read More

  3. Signs You Should Try Eating Gluten-Free

    There’s nothing better than a warm dinner roll at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, or a couple slices of pizza when you’re craving something cheesy and deliciously chewy. But all these foods can cause a hold of digestive problems if you have celiac disease. The good news is that it seems like t…Read More

  4. Pizza Topping Spotlight: Cheese

    Pizza without cheese isn’t quite a pizza, is it? Cheese is like the glue that holds everything together. While mozzarella is a quintessential cheese for a pizza, there are many other types of cheeses that work wonderfully on a pizza, especially with certain ingredients. And even though most of us …Read More

  5. Why a Salad is Such a Great Match For Pizza

    There are dozens of side dishes that you can serve with pizza, from wings to fries to cheese sticks to garlic bread. But one side dish that many people overlook is salad. Sure, it’s green and healthy and kids rarely get excited about a salad when they can have wings instead. Do kids even eat salad…Read More

  6. Tips For Pairing Wine With Pizza

    There are many times when you order up a pizza just because it’s easy, quick, and affordable. Had a busy day and don’t feel like cooking? Pizza. It’s too late to cook? Pizza. But then there are other times when you’ve been craving pizza and planning a night of pizza for days. It needs to be …Read More

  7. Pizza Topping Spotlight: Pepperoni

    The wonderfully smokey and spicy flavor, the chewy and sometimes crunchy texture, the way the grease oozes from the curl of the pepperoni onto the cheese – there’s something about pepperoni pizza that just makes your mouth water. It’s no wonder why that pepperoni is one of the most popular piz…Read More

  8. How to Make Ordering Italian Food Healthy

    Italian food is one of American’s favorites – creamy sauces, pasta, bread, wine, cheese, and olive oil – it’s soothing, delicious, ever-so-satisfying. But if you’re watching your waistline and counting calories, going out to eat at an Italian restaurant can be dangerous. Sometimes it can f…Read More

  9. 5 Things That Make a Great Chicken Wing

    According to an article by SWNS Digital, the average American consumes around 18,000 chicken wings in their lifetime. Whether you’re ordering a side of wings to go with your favorite West Covina pizza, or if you’re craving wings badly enough to make them an entire meal, there’s no doubt that c…Read More

  10. Pizza Topping Spotlight: Vegetables

    Whether you’re vegetarian or simply want a fresh garden pizza, there’s something about having vegetables on your pizza that can be incredibly satisfying, and of course, healthy. Some of the best pizza toppings are veggies, from olives to jalapenos to spinach to eggplant. Dalia’s pizza in West …Read More